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Kali River Valley Eco System

Kali River Valley in Karnataka is over exploited. Several Huge Hydro Electric Dams, Polluting Paper Industries, Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant and Destruction of Evergreen Forest are all part and parcel of developmet. Global attention is needed to safeguard this fragile eco system from over exploitation. Kali River Valley Eco System is part and parcel of the Western Ghats an Bio Diversity Hot Spot yet be researched for its flora and fauna. It is habitat with several Medicinal Plants. Tigers Roam Freely Here, Elephant Bathe in the Kali River, Butterflies dance to the tune of Monsoon wind. Frogs jump around in a mood of happiness to invite the South west monsoon. Fish live in the Kali River Valley. Humble bee is busy in gathering the nectar from the beautiful flowers blossomed in the rain forest. It has a medicinal plant for deadly cancer, HIV, Diabetes. It is place of spiritualism. It is a Silent Valley with plenty of talk going between the Plants and Ants. Curiosity is all surrounded in this prestine valley.